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Other Services:

Local Florists

Take a look at florists in our area.

Dove Release

Our staff can arrange for a professional handler to release white doves to honor your loved one during their funeral or memorial service. Several packages are available. Please ask one of our funeral directors for more information.

Releasing a dove

Butterfly Release

Butterfly releases can be a beautiful way to honor your loved one during a funeral or memorial service. A variety of packages are available. Our funeral directors can provide you with more information.

Releasing butterflies

Caring Voices

Talk anonymously to a professional grief counselor any time of day, 365 days a year. You can talk as long as you like and call as often as you need. Caring Voices is offered as a free service through the Douglas A. Fiery Funeral Home.

DVD Memorials

If you have preserved memories of your loved one through photos, videos, letters, cards, and even music, you have the makings of a unique, intensely personal memorial video. We are happy to help you turn family memories into a beautiful tribute. Your memorial video may be played during viewing hours to share with visitors or use it as a centerpiece of the funeral service. We will also display the video on our website for anyone not able to attend. Additional copies are available for purchase through the funeral home for you to distribute to family and friends.


Bagpipers have provided powerful and emotional tributes during funeral services for centuries. Our staff can arrange for a traditional bagpiper to play at your loved one’s service.

Playing Bag pipes

Horse-drawn Funeral Coach or Caisson

We can arrange for your loved one’s casket to be carried by a horse-drawn coach or caisson rather than a hearse. Please let one of our directors know if you are interested in this option.

Horse drawn hearse

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