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Lauren Michelle Costa






Lauren Michelle Costa, from Takoma Park, Maryland, battled her way into this world on April 23rd 1987. Like the Kool-aid man she bashed through every wall that was put in front of her, “Oh Yeah!” She was joyfully welcomed by her mother Dawn Pettit, her father Robert Pettit “Doodle” and her big sister Nicole Pettit “Fiffy.”

Lauren was an 80’s dream adorned in neon clothing and Shirley Temple curls. No perming solution required, although we can’t say the same for Dawn. She was bright, bubbly and vivacious and could always be found attached to Cole’s hip. They danced and twirled around her pink bedroom, dragging Boo-Boo beside them. Lauren stole the hearts of her family, especially her Gompi “Warren Matzen” and Gommi “Helen Matzen” two of the most important people in her world. 

She met the love of her life Joshua Costa at Crypt, a classy and picturesque establishment in Savannah, Georgia. They fell madly in love and married on February 9th 2014, a secret she successfully took to her grave *collective gasp.*

Lauren was a lover of bad TV, cotton candy, baking, and Harry Potter - but not necessarily in that order. She was strong, independent and fierce, and although her dreams of becoming a Ninja were flummoxed by her inability to silence her toes, she would still attempt a sneak attack whenever her unsuspecting victims were nearby. One of her great many accomplishments was being a fur mom to her beloved Taz, an energetic Yorkshire terrier, who could actually be a Ninja himself with his silent, stealthy prowl and shocking Tigger-like pounce.

Lauren excelled at cheerleading, dance and sarcasm. She was also an accomplished singer songwriter whose compositions were hilariously filled with four letter words and grievances. Her high energy performances involved elaborate choreography and backup dancers - mainly Josh and Taz. Regardless of circumstance, their house was always filled with laughter. 

Although she had a less than average life span, Lauren did not live an average life. She spent her entire life filling people with love and gifting them with her limited supply of spoons. She strived to put joy in people’s hearts and light up their souls. She was brave, selfless and strong. Above all, her life was full of little miracles, and in her death those miracles have only amplified from a wave of peace, shooting stars, and bursts of light. Those close to her have felt the reverberation of her magic across the nation.

Lauren was, and always will be, an inspiration. She will never be forgotten by those who loved her, because a life like that comes around only once. She passed away surrounded by family on March 18th 2021. If love could have saved her, she would have lived forever.

Guest Book

Words fail, within our intent, to express our heartfelt sympathy as you mourn the loss of Lauren a beautiful, dynamic, fearless and engaging spirit. Our prayers speak to God asking that He embrace Lauren upon her entry into Heaven; strengthen your heart with sustaining memories of Lauren's brilliance, and console your overwhelming sorrow. We are deeply sorry for your loss.

Ellen Chahanovich and Family
Ellicott City, Maryland

Lauren was family to our daughter Megan and her partner DJ Costa, her 1st cousin by marriage. The Costa family enjoyed Laurens wedding as well as her 30th birthday celebration at Universal Studios. She was a beautiful soul. Although we never met Lauren, the stories shared about her love for family and her determination to live a full life were inspirational to all who heard her story. She will be missed but never forgotten. She is at peace now. Her spirit lives on in each person touched by her life. May Josh, her sister, parents and many in-laws celebrate her life and receive comfort from their friends and family.

Maura Donahue
Charleston, SC

We are so sorry for the loss of Lauren. It is so hard and difficult to lose a child. Lauren was a beautiful young woman who had a very special love and gifted spirit. May her legacy and life live forever. Our children grew up together and had many wonderful and fun memories at social events and parties. Wishing you peace to ease your sadness, strength to lift your spirit up, time to heal your heart, and faith that will see you through this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Gina and Tim Rooney
Millsboro , DE

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